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Info & Services


MNAF Alinari National Museum of Photography
Piazza Santa Maria Novella 14a rosso

Tel. +390552395235
E-mail: mnaf@alinari.it
Web: www.alinari.it

How to get there:

Icona: aereo

From the Amerigo Vespucci airport, take the shuttle bus VOLA IN BUS to the Station of Santa Maria Novella.


Icona: auto

Parking facilities of the Station of Santa Maria Novella.


Icona: treno

Station of Santa Maria Novella.


Icona: autobus

Autobus direction Stazione di Santa Maria Novella-Piazza Santa Maria Novella.


Icona: pedone

From the railroad station about 2 minutes on foot, underpass direction Piazza Santa Maria Novella.


Icona: mappa

Consult the map Link: consulta la mappa


Alinari books on photography, the catalog of the temporary exhibition, the MNAF guidebook and many other products inspired by the Museum collections are for sale at the bookshop next to the MNAF ticket office.
The new “MNAF Member Card” which offers many advantages to regular visitors can also be bought at the bookshop.

TOUR OF THE FRATELLI ALINARI ARCHIVE (the tours are available only for groups of people, in limited number):
You can reserve a spot and visit the historical archive, the glass plate negative storage room, the darkroom, the picture library and so on. A unique and must see experience.
To make a reservation please contact us: tel. +39-055-2395203, email: mnaf@alinari.it



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