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F.lli Alinari, Allegory of Photography 1899, AA - archivio Alinari In September 1998 Fratelli Alinari constituted the “Fratelli Alinari. Foundation for the History of Photography” (Fratelli Alinari. Fondazione per la storia della Fotografia) whose objectives included the safe-guarding, promotion and valorization of everything in the domain of photography and its history, as well as the figurative arts in general.
Among the responsibilities of the Foundation are those of promoting and creating exhibition activities as well as managing the museum and the technical and didactic activities of the MNAF, Alinari National Museum of Photography in its premises in the Leopoldine in Piazza S. Maria Novella in Florence, and the AIM, Alinari Image Museum, in the former National Railways building in Campo Marzio in Trieste.

Activities of the Foundation
The activities of the Foundation are broken down into the following individual areas of participation and interest.

Exhibition events
One of the important tasks of the Foundation will be that of the formulation, promotion and diffusion of  Italian and non-Italian photographic culture through the creation of a program of annual exhibitions in the Alinari National Museum of Photography in its premises in the Leopoldine in Piazza S. Maria Novella, in the Alinari Image Museum in the former National Railways building in Campo Marzio in Trieste, and in other premises in agreement with Italian and international institutions and/or organizations.

Backed up by the experience Fratelli Alinari has in this sector, with over 200 exhibitions in the fifteen years the Fratelli Alinari Museum of the History of Photography has been active, the Foundation will take its cue from this know-how and from the consolidated connections and relations with all the leading personalities and institutions on world wide  to continue in its commitment for the valorization and diffusion of outstanding exhibition projects. It will also promote studies and research in the field of the history of nineteenth- and twentieth- century Italian and non-Italian photography, as well as the experimental activities of young contemporary photographers.

By creating the individual exhibits, in addition to availing itself of the experience and professionalism of the Fratelli Alinari Museum of the History of Photography, the Foundation can count on the collaboration of leading experts in the field of international photographic research and appreciation, as well as the consolidated relations with the Italian and non-Italian Institutions and Museums distinguished for their work in the creation of benchmark events in the field of photography.

Research and cultural activities
As its institutional activity the Foundation will promote and diffuse the photographic image in all its forms, including audio-visual and multimedia communication, and also, including the use of new technologies.
It will therefore promote the organization of seminars, meetings, conventions, and workshops on the art and techniques of photography and the semiotic, critical and aesthetic themes pertaining to the making of photographs and photographic documentation.

It will also be the task of the Foundation to create an important center for photographic restoration, committed both on the level of operational interventions on the various types of materials inherent in photographic production, and on that of education and scientific training in the field. Conventions, workshops and study seminars will be planned annually by the Foundation in collaboration with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure di Firenze, with the participation of world specialists in the various areas of the restoration, conservation and safe-guarding of the photographic cultural asset.
Lastly the Foundation will promote and edit scientific and editorial publications specialized in the field of photography and its history.

- Course Conservation and Restoration Photography 2013 - Opificio delle Pietre Dure-Alinari

- EuropeanaPhotography - European ancient photographic vintage repositories of digitized pictures of historical quality
(download PDF)

Bbinding - Binding design and paper conservation of antique books, albums and documents
(download PDF)

The Alinari Foundation supports the MARUBI PROJECT.
The objective of this project is to promote cross-border cooperation aiming at increasing the value of the common cultural heritage (in particular, the patrimony of the Marubi photographers) and environmental potentials (natural beauty) of the area Shkodra-Ulcinj (Albania, Montenero). The project is funded by the European Union.

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